What is Breadcrumb, How to use it?

Breadcrumb is an indispensable element for users and search engine bots who want to return to the previous category on multiple-page websites (E-Commerce, Blog, etc.), understand the site hierarchy, or see other pages relevant to the page you are looking at. In short, it greatly increases the usability of your site and is liked by search engines.

When we look at the user experience, it will be easier for users to stay on your site. If there is something that is known by every SEO expert, it is also appreciated by Google that every improvement is made to the users. Nowadays, when you think that more than half of the internet traffic is provided from mobile, the use of this structure makes the link part of the pages in the search results more remarkable.

How Google Spiders Work

The first thing Google spiders do when it comes to a site is to search for a robots.txt file. It examines the Robots.txt file and starts scanning the links except the blocked subdirectories. It scans each page individually and runs all scripts and style files on the page it scans. He then queues up the other links he has detected on the page and scans them in turn. Bots will also scan the links that have already been scanned. There may be many reasons for this. Your site map may also have the lastmod parameter to detect that the content has been updated and may be linked to your page. For now, there is no way to fully understand this. So, in short, Google comes to your page, scans all the whole thing, then adds the links to the queue and scans those links respectively. Here is a question mark: Since all of our pages are linked, why doesn’t Google scan the entire site every time it arrives?

8- Adding a blog to the site

The number of visitors can be increased by adding blogs to the site after Seo works have been done. Blogs play an important role in capturing the target audience. A web site seo score can be promoted with an original content blog, and the value of the website’s PageRank and Google may be increased when content in the blog is used by potential customers in other sites.

7- Adding footer links to every page

The footer links that make it easy for Google to identify the link paths of the website are made by adding a footer section at the bottom of each page. Thus, the main menu is placed in this split in the form of a text link with the simplest form. It should be remembered that the main menu link in Flash or graphic design is regarded as standard connection by Google, it is easy to access the site by Seo by adding footer link to every page.

6- Site content must be original

In seo studies, authenticity is one of the most important criteria. Because the copy content is considered a content retreat by Google, the copy website is detected by Google algorithm and registered as a content thief for the sandbox. As a result, the website will not be shown by Google. Original content should be produced as soon as you escape the action by copying and pasting on another site and the website should be able to get more visitors with original text to be included on the first page of Google. Because nobody wants to read a story again. This can cause you to leave immediately.

5 – Html codes make it difficult to scan contents

Some web sites have javascript and CSS lines written directly to html code. However, this situation makes it difficult for Google to crawl and identify the original content of the site. So the hassle of html codes will require editing by seo as it will make it difficult for Google to save the site content. For this, JavaScript and CSS files must be added to the html structure as a single line.

4- The use of html codes is important for seo

Html tags continue in




. Especially important is the use of html tags in important headers, since it will make the content look right on the browser. According to the order of importance, the tags should be used in the form of




, and the content should be provided much faster by using the main title and subtitles. Performing an appropriate html encoding for the hierarchical structure is an important part of website seo settings.

3- Add heading to every page

The most important factor in determining page content in search engines is the page title. A keyword-based title will increase the value of the page on Google, and will lead to seo-friendly returns. The title should not be too long or too short, and should not exceed 60 characters.

2. Meta information is very important for search engines

Adding meta information to the website’s html codes is very important for search engines. This information accelerates the entry of visitors to the website in the direction of key words that are sought after providing preliminary information and explanations about the site. Adding meta information for site seo settings to every page’s html code in the website is important both in terms of seo and Google in distinguishing pages on the site. In the meantime, content should not be recycled, even when entering meta information, even 160 characters should not exceed.

1- Adding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free site statistics software service from Google that provides access to website statistics. By adding Google Analytics to every page, you can see the number of visitors, the number of page views, or much more. If you want to get to know the users in detail, you absolutely must add Google Analytics to every page of your website.
It is possible to increase the value of the site’s search engines by using the Goal Tracking feature.